About Ironwood Cyber

Who We Are

Ironwood Cyber, Inc. is a Client-First Cybersecurity Products and Services Company.

We enable businesses of all sizes (and we mean all sizes—small to large) to build and operate end-to-end, effective cybersecurity programs. Founded in Fort Worth, Texas, in August of 2021 by two Lockheed Martin Fellows, Aaron Estes and Ethan Puchaty set out to create valuable, scalable, and affordable cybersecurity solutions. Ironwood Cyber brings together unprecedented talent and experience in developing solutions to protect our nation’s most critical infrastructure. There is not a more gifted cybersecurity team in the world!

We Are Hackers in the True and Best Sense of the Word.

We are always learning with understanding as our goal. We are tenacious try-hards who are not afraid of the difficult challenges. We are builders and breakers, embracing both sides of the coin for the betterment of our solutions. We are community oriented and seek to give back in tangible ways to the communities in which we live.


Our mission is to care for the cyber health of our customers through the deployment of least-friction, best-of-breed, and cost-effective security solutions to clients of all sizes. We work to minimize cyber risk while enabling our customers to focus on what they do best.

What's Important to Us


We care about our clients and strive to develop meaningful, lasting, and positive business (and personal) relationships.

Smart Design

We develop well-thought-out solutions. Our goal is to build products and services that work effectively and avoid getting in the way of doing business.