Ironwood Cyber Rx™ Explained

In a world that’s increasingly reliant on technology, common criminals have become drawn to cybercrime as a path to low-risk profit. It’s become a highly attractive arena and is growing at an astounding rate.

These cyber criminals have essentially weaponized data through ransomware attacks and the odds are now heavily stacked against businesses of all sizes and across all industries. This alongside the high demand for cybersecurity professionals has left many businesses without options to adequately protect themselves

Enter in Ironwood Cyber Rx. Our mission is to make world class cyber security capabilities accessible to all. We’ve developed innovative tools and approaches, with a focus on automation and customer support, to simplify cybersecurity and offer a level of protection that would have been previously unattainable for most businesses.

Through our subscription-based service, we provide our customers with essential cyber security capabilities such as: security posture validation, user awareness training, malware simulation, ethical hacking and security monitoring.

What’s included:
  • External Reconnaissance

Discovers the attack surface you have exposed to the internet (e.g., websites, organizational email addresses, DNS records)

  • Data Breach Exposure Checks

Finds out if your users have been exposed in a known data breach to prevent their access from being abused to attack your organization

  • External Vulnerability Scans

Finds vulnerabilities on your internet-facing infrastructure and provides you with easy-to-follow mitigation strategies

  • Phishing & Awareness Training

Emulates the behavior of attackers seeking to lure your users into giving them access to your data and systems; we train your team on how to respond to and resist this incredibly effective attack vector

  • Internal Vulnerability Scans

Finds vulnerabilities on your private network and provides you with easy-to-follow mitigation strategies

  • Internal Host Posture Validation

Validates endpoint security settings to ensure your systems are not susceptible to an attack

  • Internal Discovery

Finds systems on your network that present unknown risks to your organization

  • Ransomware Simulations

Emulates behavior of known malware campaigns, finding exact points where you would either resist or be susceptible to ransomware attacks

  • Internal Penetration Tests

Emulates attacker behavior to know how you would stand up to a cyber attack against your network

We offer three subscription options that range from the most essential cyber protection capabilities to more advanced services that can be provided on a flexible as-needed basis to allow businesses to choose the right fit for their budget and needs.

Securing your business against cyber threats takes everyday work. Ironwood’s Cyber Rx services can help your organization establish processes, user awareness and provide continuous assessment on your cybersecurity health. 

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