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Ironwood Cyber Rx Explained

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Dec 12 2021 / Sat. 7:30 – 10:00 PM


Ardent Creative
707 W Vickery Blvd UNIT 103, Fort Worth, TX 76104

In a world that’s increasingly reliant on technology, common criminals have become drawn to cybercrime as a path to low-risk profit. It’s become a highly attractive arena and is growing at an astounding rate.

These cyber criminals have essentially weaponized data through ransomware attacks and the odds are now heavily stacked against businesses of all sizes and across all industries. This alongside the high demand for cybersecurity professionals has left many businesses without options to adequately protect themselves.

Enter in Ironwood Cyber Rx. Our mission is to make world class cyber security capabilities accessible to all. We’ve developed innovative tools and approaches, with a focus on automation and customer support, to simplify cybersecurity and offer a level of protection that would have been previously unattainable for most businesses.

Through our subscription-based service, we provide our customers with essential cyber security capabilities: security posture validation, user awareness training, malware simulation, ethical hacking and security monitoring.

What’s included:

• Security monitoring – available soon. 
When you subscribe to Cyber Rx and deploy our Firethorn product, Ironwood Cyber continuously monitors and correlates detection events on your network to alert you of malicious activity at all points of attack. A customized user-friendly web dashboard and convenient mobile app ensure that you don’t miss important alerts and activity.

• Security checkups.
Continuous, automated, and semi-automated security checkups provide ongoing testing and assessment of your cybersecurity posture. We help you assess your attack surface, discover security weaknesses, and simulate malware tactics to ensure your overall cyber health. Periodic online questionnaires provide situational awareness and reminders about your everyday security responsibilities.

• Awareness training.
Training and awareness is perhaps the most valuable security tool you can employ against cyber threats. Ironwood Cyber provides best-in-class security awareness and training solutions. Our security awareness training and simulated phishing solution is the most effective way to help your employees stay off the hook. In addition to a comprehensive library of security training, Ironwood Cyber will conduct phishing exercises to test and teach users how to spot and report phishing and social engineering activities.

• Incident triage.
Your cyber 911– we are here to answer the call as your first line of defense when incidents happen. Ironwood Cyber will help you triage the situation and determine the best course of action for incident response and recovery. As your primary cyber care technicians, our staff is equipped to help diagnose and mitigate malicious attacks of all kinds. Even with our best efforts to build and maintain a secure environment for your business, sometimes persistent attackers get through your defenses. We like to say that driving the world’s most secure car doesn’t mean you won’t get in a wreck. Cyber threats are intelligent, creative, and persistent. To believe that you can completely avoid compromise is like a boxer believing that he will always achieve a flawless victory in a fight, never getting hit. The good news is that we are here to tag-in when you need help.

We offer four subscription options that range from the most essential cyber protection capabilities to more advanced services that can be provided on a flexible as-needed basis to allow businesses to choose the right fit for their budget and needs.

Securing your business against cyber threats takes everyday work. Ironwood’s Cyber Rx services can help your organization establish processes, user awareness and provide continuous assessment on your cybersecurity health. 

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