Powerful Cyber Protection for
Energy & Utility Companies

An attack on the energy infrastructure can cripple key systems and impact millions of
lives. A cybercriminal will not only attack to cause chaos, but also to conduct costly
extortion. With Ironwood Cyber, you gain the highest level of protection against cyber attacks.

cyber security for energy and utilities

Cybersecurity Challenges
Threatening the Energy Sector

cyber security for energy and utilities

Aggressive Attacks

Cybersecurity attacks against the energy sector are reaching record highs, with the oil industry making up a third of the reported incidents since 2017. According to reports, the average cost of a data breach in the energy sector in 2022 was around $4.35 million.

cyber security for energy and utilities

Public Safety

With cyber threats on the rise, a ransomware attack on the energy infrastructure can result in an industrial accident with catastrophic repercussions to the environment and public safety.

cyber security for energy and utilities

Supply Chain
Security Gap

Energy and utility companies’ supply chains are often ill-protected against cyber threats because the cost of hiring a dedicated cybersecurity department is unmanageable.

cyber security for energy and utilities

Power up your cybersecurity

Ironwood Protects Against Cyber Threats
to the Energy Sector

Faster Results
with Automation

We’ve designed a unique cybersecurity solution for energy companies that leverages automation to assess your cyber posture within a week - a process that takes other cyber pros over a month to complete.

cyber security for energy and utilities


Our patented cyber technique known as Side-channel Analysis applies a brand new approach. One that the industry and hackers have never seen before - making it difficult for attackers to bypass.


Ironwood is optimized to protect utility supply chains from cyber attacks by reducing costs, offering scalable solutions, and eliminating the need to outsource a dedicated cybersecurity department.

A Solution Trusted
By Leading Companies and Experts

“When it comes to cybersecurity, we care about speed and innovation. Being able to address a cyber threat rapidly while also staying ahead of hacker trends and evolving to keep up with the increasing number of cyber threats is critical. Our organization trusts the Ironwood team and their unique technology to act fast, maintain a secure cyber posture for us and always have our needs covered at the drop of a hat.”

Energy Organization

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