Advanced Ransomware Protection

Detects threats using physical sensors + AI

Firethorn graphic

Our patented detection technology uses machine learning analytics and patented hardware side-channel analysis to detect and stop cyber attacks including ransomware.

Our patented technology uses machine learning analytics and physical sensor data to eliminate cyber threats.


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Firethorn Endpoint

Foolproof protection against cyber attacks.

  • Detects even the most evasive of malware by monitoring at the hardware and kernel level
  • Installs easily on all Windows, Mac, or Linux Devices


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Firethorn Cloud

Protects your cloud environment from cyber attacks.

  • Combines patented side-channel analysis technique with proprietary cloud telemetry data


  • Utilizes cloud native sensors and data to accurately detect malicious activity, unlike other cloud-based protection solutions 👀




Firethorn Core

Firethorn security at the hardware level.

  • Firethorn protection within your integrated circuit architecture
    • Can be hardwired or integrated as microcode onto most chipsets

  • Provides onboard side-channel synthesis using physical, software, virtual sensor data
    • For integrated circuit developers and silicon chip designers

Firethorn Embedded

Firethorn Core as a hardware sentry.

  • Able to monitor and protect the hardware components on your system