Focus on the Health of Your Patients,
Not the Threat of Cyber Attack

As technology in healthcare evolves to improve patient care, the potential of security threats grows with it. Gain the most advanced protection from the most elusive cyber threats to ensure that your patients & reputation remain secure.

healthcare cybersecurity attacks

Cyber Challenges & Symptoms
Affecting the Healthcare Industry

cyber attack healthcare

Patient Safety

With cyber threats on the rise, the potential damage of a ransomware attack leaves healthcare organizations concerned about the safety of their patients and their reputation.

healthcare ransomware

Inordinate Cost
of Breaches

For the last 12 years, the healthcare industry has had the highest cost for breach-related damage – with the current average sitting at $10 million. (Source: IBM)

healthcare cybersecurity attacks

Lack of

Healthcare officials understand the critical nature of finding a cybersecurity solution, but they’re not sure where to start and what to choose. 

cyber attack healthcare

A Highly Advanced Solution

For an industry that safeguards highly sensitive information.

Ironwood Cyber for Healthcare Organizations

Automated Processes Cut
Time & Costs

Our cutting-edge approach uses automation to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to detect and assess your cyber posture. This means what typically takes other cyber companies over a month to complete – we can accomplish in under a week.

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Side-channel Analysis Keeps
Hackers Away

We pride ourselves on our patented side-channel analysis approach, which has never been used in this way before. Our technique has proven to be an impenetrable defense against even the most complex security threats.

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24/7 Protection to Maintain
HIPAA Compliance

With decades of combined cyber experience and the most comprehensive security solutions, we help our healthcare clients maintain HIPAA compliance with continuous assessment as well as expert insight into their cyber posture.

healthcare cybersecurity attacks

A Solution Trusted
By Leading Companies and Experts

“Patient safety is our number one priority. Ensuring that their private information is protected is a major part of that. With all of our medical offices operating electronically, especially now in this post-pandemic landscape, we needed to quickly implement a cybersecurity solution that was both dependable and affordable. Working with the technology and team at Ironwood Cyber has allowed us to keep our patients’ data safe, maintain our own peace of mind and stay under budget.”

Healthcare Organization

Transform Your Cybersecurity.

Protect what matters most: your patients. Get started with the most advanced
healthcare cybersecurity solution today.