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Ironwood Cyber protects your bottom line by preventing production delays. Our innovative solutions help you deliver on time and within budget.

cyber security in manufacturing

Cyber Challenges Affecting Manufacturers

cyber security for manufacturing

Lack of

Manufacturers understand the critical nature of finding a cybersecurity solution, but they’re not sure where to concentrate their efforts or which solution to implement.

cyber manufacturing

Increasing Aggressive Attacks

With cyber attacks becoming more aggressive and frequent, manufacturers are more vulnerable than ever to the potential damage to productivity, reputation and bottom line ransomware could cause.

manufacturing industry cybersecurity

Supply Chain
Security Gap

Being a relatively new concept to the manufacturing industry, cybersecurity solutions are lacking for Tier 3 suppliers leaving them poorly protected and with a lack of resources.

cyber security in manufacturing

Don’t Let Cybersecurity Threats Stop Production


Ironwood Protects Against Threats to Your Bottom Line

Bringing Automation
to Cyber

We’ve created a unique cybersecurity solution for manufacturers that uses automation to assess your cyber health within a week – a process that takes other cyber providers over a month to complete.

cyber manufacturing

Our Patented Approach

Our patented cyber technique known as Side-channel Analysis applies a brand new approach. One that the industry and hackers have never seen before – making it difficult for attackers to bypass.

manufacturing industry cybersecurity

Strengthening the
Supply Chain

Ironwood is optimized to protect manufacturers and Tier 3 suppliers from cyber attacks by reducing costs, offering scalable solutions, and eliminating the need to outsource a dedicated cybersecurity department.

cyber security in manufacturing

Hear from our clients

“Driving efficiency is one of the most crucial aspects of my role. With the Ironwood Cyber experts keeping a close eye on our security posture, my employees are free to focus all of their efforts on their deliverables and initiatives.”

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