Protect Your
Brand and Customers

With thousands of transactions occurring, attackers are taking advantage
of every opportunity to conduct nefarious activities. Don’t leave your
customers vulnerable or your brand exposed.

cyber security in retail industry

Cyber Challenges
Affecting Retailers

retail cybersecurity

Lack of

Retailers are no stranger to the risk of cyber attacks and the potential damage they can cause. However, they’re still unsure about where to start and which solution to choose.

cyber security in retail industry

Increasing Aggressive Attacks

Attackers have stepped up their game with new modes of evasion. As cyber threats become more aggressive and frequent, retailers are among the most vulnerable businesses.

retail cybersecurity

Supply Chain
Security Gap

Retailers are often ill-protected against cyber threats because the cost of hiring a dedicated cybersecurity department is unmanageable.

Ironwood Protects Against Threats
to Your Bottom Line

Automating the

We’ve created a unique solution for cybersecurity in retail that implements automation to analyze your cybersecurity posture within a week – a process that takes most cyber providers over a month to execute.

cyber security in retail industry


Our patented cyber approach known as Side -  channel Analysis uses a brand new technique, one that the industry and hackers have never seen before – making it difficult for attackers to evade.


Ironwood is optimized to protect retailers from cyber attacks by lowering costs, promising scalability, and eliminating the need to outsource a dedicated cybersecurity department.

Hear from our clients

“For our organization, partnering with Ironwood allows us to feel more secure and proactive in maintaining a strong defense against threats that could cause us trouble – even with our limited resources.”

Transform Your Cyber, Protect Your Brand

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