it’s never too early
for cybersecurity.

The size of your organization doesn’t matter when it comes to cyber threats. Cyber criminals don’t just focus on large corporations, but will also exploit small businesses. Ironwood Cyber delivers a unique approach to cybersecurity that can easily fit within your budget and allow you to focus on growing your small business.

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why small businesses need cybersecurity

Protect Your

As a small business, your success often depends on your reputation. Customers or clients provide information with the expectation that it will remain secure. With Ironwood Cyber Rx and Firethorn, we’ve created new approaches to cyber security that offer the most advanced ransomware and threat protection.

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Set your Business
Up for the Future

Cybersecurity is a necessity for growing businesses. By choosing Ironwood Cyber, you can feel confident that you’re protecting your business with a scalable solution that is designed to adapt with the evolving cyber landscape.

Our Small Business Cybersecurity Solutions


With continuous cybersecurity, you never
have to worry about protection lapses. Each
of our cybersecurity solutions have been
streamlined to meet your needs and budget.
We provide complete protection for your
cyber maturity level.

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Gain fool-proof protection for your small
business against ransomware and other cyber
attacks. Our patented technology uses
machine learning analytics and physical
sensor data to eliminate cyber threats with
99% accuracy.

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Why Ironwood Cyber for Small Business?

We’re bringing an upgraded cybersecurity solution to businesses of all sizes.

Small Business Cybersecurity

Gain Scalability

Our cybersecurity solutions are designed to grow
with you and your business.

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Achieve Cost-effectiveness

Our solutions are fast and affordable. Pay only for the
security your business needs.

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Leverage Automation

Unlike other solutions, we use automation to rapidly
detect and assess threats. 

Small Business Cybersecurity

Trust the Experts

Not sure where to start? Let our team of former Lockheed
Martin experts lead the way.

A Solution Trusted
By Leading Companies and Experts

“Cybersecurity isn’t top of mind when you start a small business, but it should be. I learned that the hard way when a phishing attack nearly wiped my business off the map in its early stages. With Ironwood Cyber, I was able to implement a simple, yet powerful cybersecurity solution that offers the best protection and fits within my small biz budget.”

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Customized Small Business Cybersecurity.