A New Era of Campus Security: Ironwood Cyber and Tier One's Innovative Partnership

Ironwood Cyber is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Tier One, a security solutions provider that shares our dedication to innovation and safeguarding vulnerable communities.

By integrating Ironwood Cyber's SaaS suite of full-spectrum cybersecurity services with Tier One's comprehensive security products and strategies, our partnership aims to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance both cybersecurity and physical security on campuses and beyond.

The Ironwood Cyber Advantage

At Ironwood Cyber, we have developed a full suite of cybersecurity solutions that focus on:

  • Automation: Reducing cost and complexity while enabling customers to have continuous cybersecurity testing without the costs of employing full-time cybersecurity resources.
  • Innovative Technology: Our Firethorn technology, an AI/ML-based approach to threat detection using side channel analysis, has proven to be highly effective in standard computing environments with a small footprint and low utilization of resources.


Tier One's Unique Expertise

Tier One brings over 200 years of combined law enforcement, fire/EMT, and military experience to the partnership. The company's leadership team is committed to changing the culture and perception of public safety through:

  • Education: Empowering school campuses, faith-based organizations, and vulnerable communities with knowledge and awareness.
  • Training: Developing and implementing comprehensive security strategies to ensure safety and protection.
  • Leadership: Demonstrating commitment and dedication to enhancing security and promoting a more secure environment.


A Powerful Partnership

"By joining forces with Tier One, we are able to provide customers with integrated cybersecurity and physical security solutions,” said Dr. Aaron Estes, CEO of Ironwood Cyber. "Our partnership will ensure that  we create a more secure environment for everyone."

Together, Ironwood Cyber and Tier One will bring innovative processes and technology to keep families and loved ones safe before, during, and after incidents.

About Ironwood Cyber:

Founded by two Lockheed Martin Fellows, Ironwood Cyber is a team of seasoned cybersecurity experts with decades of experience protecting our nation's most critical defense weapon systems.

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About Tier One:

Tier One is a security solutions provider with over 200 years of combined law enforcement, fire/EMT, and military experience. The company's comprehensive security strategies aim to change the culture and perception of public safety through education, training, and leadership.

🔗 https://www.tieroneus.com/

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